About Me

Welcome to my personal site.

I'm Herwig Juster. Thanks for visiting my site.

I'm a polymer engineer, blogger, author, and explorer.

Currently, I work at PlastFormance. Here, my main focus is supporting the automotive, LED and E/E industry to select the optimal highly filled compound for applications which need high thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity, as well as other properties such as radiation shielding.

I hold a Ph.D. in polymer engineering respectively polymer injection moulding from the Johannes Kepler University (Austria) and a master and bachelor in polymer engineering and science from the University of Leoben (Austria). My engineering education is complemented by a master in Industrial Management and Business Administration (IMBA) also from the University of Leoben (Austria).

"There are no limits to what science can explore. " - Ernest Solvay

"Without Natural Polymers, There is No Life; Without Synthetic Polymers, No Standard of Living" - Prof. Dr. Hans Uwe Schenck

My professional core competencies are:

  • Application of high performance polymers:

    • Amorphous: PC, PSU, PESU, PPSU, PEI, PAI

    • Semi-crystalline: aliphatic and semi-aromatic Nylons (PA 6, PA 6.6, PARA, PPA), PPS, PPE, PEEK, PAEK, Fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA/MFA, PVDF),

    • Fluids: PFPE and Elastomers: FKM and FFKM

    • Bio-based and recycled materials

  • Polymer material selection (technical requirements analysis and specification, material price evaluation, direct coordination with Tier-1 and OEM engineering teams in Automotive)

  • Material development (highly filled plastic compounds)

  • Data analytic solutions for the Plastics and Processing Industry

  • Metal-to-Plastic and Plastic-to-Plastic replacements

  • Processing and application technology assistance (with focus on injection moulding)

  • Business development generation (marketing, market assessment, new projects and material identification, and new customers prospecting)

  • Technical Market Development and Market Intelligence for Polymers

Now that you know a little about me, I’d like to know: how can I help you? If you want to put plastics to work for your business, we should talk.

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